My Two Week Wait App
Meditations, energy balancing, and sound healing to ease anxiety while waiting to become a mom.
Anxiously waiting to find out if you are pregnant?
Tools to ease anxiety, ground your body, and help you sleep during your two week wait.
Meditations to ease anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Great to listen to before bed if you have trouble sleeping or simply want to feel more relaxed. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.
Energy Balancing
Energy balancing exercises to ground your body, balance hormones, and strengthen the mind-body connection. Techniques to use your hands to move energy in your own body where energy is the medicine. This includes tapping, chakra work, gentle movement and acupressure.
Vibrational Sound Healing 

Vibrational sound healing to feel a sense of peace and invite new life. When relaxing through soothing sound and vibration, your body is affected on a cellular level, opening energy flow to move you back toward healthy alignment and optimal fertility.
"Saved my life through a difficult period! You have nothing to lose by getting started. It's more what you'd have to lose by NOT doing this."

After you sign up, you can proceed to the Apple or Google app store and download My Two Week Wait App. You will receive an email with your login credentials. 

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